How to integrate with Ordersify badge

This tutorial requires the technical skill. If you feel difficult to do the following, don't hesitate to contact us. If you feel that's okay, let do it.

Open your theme

Open the snippet

Open the product card snippet. For example, we use the theme Dawn, we open snippets/card-product.liquid

You can do the same with themes:

Add the badge liquid code

<span data-osf-type="badge" data-osf-id=”{{ }}”></span>

If you have a custom product, you can use the HTML tag attribute

<span data-osf-type="badge" data-osf-product=”{{ card_product | json }}”></span>
Note that: if the collection page uses the liquid variable  product, please replace card_product to product
<span data-osf-type="badge" data-osf-id=”{{ }}”></span>

In the demo, we use the theme Dawn, we add the liquid code to here:

Save your the snippet

After editing the theme snippet, don't forget to save the snippet file.


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