Step 1: Click Create automation.

Firstly, you need to go to the Automations section. Then, click on Create automation.

Step 2: Set up Automation.

In the Create automation section, there are several areas with different attributes you need to set up.

1. Automation: In here, tick on Activate this automation and fill in your automation name with additional details.

2. Location: Choose your location.

3. Tracking: Enter the Default tracking company.

4. Customer: If you want to send a fulfillment receipt to the customer, tick on Allow send fulfillment receipt

5. Automation:  You can choose one of the automation methods: URL, FTP, SFTP.

6. Schedule: You can choose sequence and export time to automation fulfill orders.

7. Active dates: In this field, you can set the date when the automation will be activated. If you just want to make the automation active only in a period of time, then put a tick in Set end date option and make a deadline using the calendar.

Step 3: Click Save.