Set up automation in Ordersify Order Export is similar to setting up templates.

Step 1: Choose Automations in Order Exporter, then click New automation.

Step 2: Enter the name of the new automation, then click Create automation.

You can also enter your automation description.

Step 3: Choose a template.

You can choose one of the templates you created.

Step 4: Set up Filters.

Filters allow you to filter orders according to available terms like order status, order date, order limit, customers...

Step 5: Set up Options.

Step 6: Set up Delivery.

Delivery is a method to receive the exportation file. There are 6 methods for you to choose from: Email, FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, Google Sheet, Dropbox. 

Step 7: Choose Automation.

Now we support 5 types of triggers to export files.

Step 8: Active dates.

You choose start date ( You can choose the end date )

Before Click Save, don't forget to check the Activate this template.