How to create a rule in Automation Tags

Step 1: Go to the Rule section, then take a look at your right side on the screen, there is a button named Create rule. Click on it.

Step 2: Choose Type. 

You can choose one of three types: tagging order, tagging customers, tagging products.

Step 3: Choose Preset.

After choosing a type, you will be taken to a new page named Choose Preset. Inside this page, there are a lot of different preset. You can choose one of the presets. 

For example, after choosing a tagging order, I choose Tag orders based on Products.

Step 4: Edit the basic information of the rule. Click on Create rule.

Step 5: ClickUpdate conditions.

  • For the section: Create a new rule, don't forget to click on Activate this rule.
  • For the Applied tag, you can add your tag.
  •  For Criteria: you can choose the property, and then to a for compering with the value. You can combine multiple conditions with OR and AND.
  • For the Actives dates, you choose the start date ( You can choose the end date )

Step 6: Click on Save.

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